Gadget Consolidation – Double Fisted No More


iphonebb1After just under a month of walking around double fisted (an iPhone in my left hand and a Blackberry in the right) I have decided to consolidate into one device.  This is a big deal for me as I have been a dedicated (addicted) Blackberry user for over 10 years now.  Yes, I thought it was so cool when I got the RIM 957, just check out those specs!  So what did I get?  The new Motorola Droid.  I will appease all of the iPhone lovers out there and admit that it is no where near, nor will it ever be, as elegant in form and feel.  Despite that, my initial impressions are very good.  The phone does everything I need it for and then some.  The keyboard is a definite nice to have albeit being a bit awkward for the right hand/thumb.  I have only had it for a day so it is hard to say for sure if this is the answer for me, but so far it appears that I will have a free hand for some time to come.

UPDATE: Used the new built in Nav from Google and it is amazing!  Droid is almost worth it for this application alone.

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New pics from September & October added




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My kind of online art retailer


Now this is my kind of online art retailer!


Mouse cheese


Last night we were talking with the kids about all the different things they can be when they grow up.  I think I freaked Jonas out with how many options there are for him and his eyes glazed over.  When I turned to Braiden and asked her what she want to be she said she wants to make cheese.  She very emphatically stated that she doesn’t want to make just any cheese but only cheese for mice.  She stated that it will be made in little bitty pieces and made from mouse milk.  Then I just burst out laughing with a mental image of Braiden milking little mice to make her mouse cheese!!

Summer 2009 Pictures


June & July

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New pics


Some new pics of Jonas’ 6th birthday party, his first T-ball game, and of course some new pics of Teague.

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Best Blackberry Storm Application Ever


RC Office Grand Prix

Christmas 2008 Video


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Teague Quinly Ricke


Teague (like League but with a T) Quinly Ricke joined our family at 4:45PM PST on January 26, 2009.  He weighed in at 7 lbs and is 19 3/4″ tall.  Amanda was in labor for 10 hrs but luckliy this gave ample time for an epidural this time around.  He and Amanda are home and doing well.  Big brother Jonas and newly minted big sister Braiden were both excited to meet their little baby brother yesterday after having spent the last 5 days in DisneyLand with their brave and now very tired Grammy & Grampy.  Enjoy the pictures of our new addition!

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Pics from December


Holiday fun!  Enjoy!

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