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Well, I promised an update if there was progress and so here it is.  We got clearance (sort of) to move the abandonment to the other end of the neighbor’s property (see prior post).  The reason I say sort of on the approval is that we now will require a variance to the county setback requirement of at least 30′ from a right of way.  Of course this “right of way” is after the effective end of the road and therefore will not ever be a true right of way.  Again, needless red tape that causes issues.  In terms of the road abandonment itself, it will now be going to the board for approval on October 16th at the earliest.  This approval would at least give us one small victory and then we can work on the site approval in November.

In case any of you are curious about what all this looks like here is the current site plan to give you a visual of all the variables being dealt with.

Site Plan

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