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Well, I knew that the build process would be painful but I must say it is worse than I had ever anticipated.  Mainly it is due to red tape at the county but amazingly there are issues with neighbors as well.  On the county level, the very second you think something is on autopilot you get a call at the eleventh hour stating that there is now an issue with it.  Case in point: the road abandonment.  Road abandonment you may be asking?  Yes, that is right, we have to have the last 96ft of Walla Walla Trail, which happens to run through our property, abandoned at the county level.  This means rounding up letters from all utility companies who could require an easement saying that they are OK with it.  This was done and everything was ready to go to the county board for approval in mid August.  Then, the day before the required submittal date, I get a call stating the abandonment happens to go across the entire front of my neighbors property and before anything can go forward I need to get permission and allow them an easement.  Now this of course brought everything to a screeching halt!  No problem I thought, I’ll just give my neighbor a call and get this resolved so as to get things back on track for an August approval.  I proceeded to find out who the neighbor was and gave him a friendly call.  To my surprise, he told me that he had been in discussion with the previous owner on this very matter.  He also told me that the previous owner was talking about potentially paying to have a garage built for him and a new driveway in return for the approval.  He said he would be happy to sit down with me and “figure out what this would cost.”  Holy shit!!  He is telling me I am going to have to buy him off!!

I hung up and immediately decided that the road abandonment has to move to the other corner of his property since I will NOT be put in a corner like that.  So that is where thing stand as of today.  We are waiting to hear from the county if moving the abandonment triggers any other potential issues (my estimation is that it will absolutely trigger a host of new issues).  So, the August board meeting is out for us and we are again in county planning limbo (aka county HELL).

I’ll update again if we make any progress.  If you never see another post about the build then please start sending money since we will have a really expensive piece of useless land…..

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“Los Gatos Update”

  1. On September 4th, 2007 at 11:38 pm brandon Says:

    permits are over-rated.

  2. On September 6th, 2007 at 4:30 am » Archive » Los Gatos - Continued Says:

    […] got clearance (sort of) to move the abandonment to the other end of the neighbor’s property (see prior post).  The reason I say sort of on the approval is that we now will require a variance to the county […]

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