Los Gatos Here We Come


Our new propertyWell, we are the proud new owners of a vacant lot in the Santa Cruz mountains on Walla Walla Trail in Los Gatos, CA! Over the next year or two we plan on torturing ourselves by building a new house. I say torture because it will be a very lengthy and expensive process. That being said I cannot be more excited about the prospects of what this will mean for us. First, we will get to live in the mountains where we can feel like we are not really in the bay area (feels more like Tahoe) while still being close to the bay area. Second, the schools in Los Gatos are fantastic so the kids will be all set for public schooling. Third, we get to build the exact house that WE want. Third, I can finally achieve my goal of living within 30 miles of my office (here is the route). Fourth, we finally get to measure our property in acreage (1.8 acres to be exact) as opposed to square feet. I will keep posting progress here as we start the build process so stay tuned. In the meantime you can see pictures of the property here.

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