The G-Wagen arrives


G-wagenWell, I took a gamble buying a truck out in Colorado site unseen off of Clubwagen and boy did it payoff! I got to see my new G-Wagen for the first time last night and it is in even better condition than I anticipated. I even had a neighbor mention that he thought it was around a year 2000 model; it’s a ’79 (technically it’s a ’79 with an ’81 engine). There is negligble rust (I was expecting a lot more especially given the truck is from CO), it looks great all around, starts at the first turn with virtually no smoke (remember it’s a diesel) and drives execellent. My only major concern to make it reliable is the transmission, as shifting into second is not always a pretty sound (though I knew there were transmission issues going into it). Once I deal with the tranny, my goal is to work on the conversion to Biodiesel (simply requires swapping out some fuel lines for new synthetic ones) and further research a potential conversion to vegi-oil. I am interested in the conversion kit offered by Lovecraft Biofuels since it does not require the addition of a seperate fuel tank for the oil and enables you to run petrol diesel, biodiesel and waste/new vegi-oil all from the original fuel tank.

All in all I am extremely happy with the truck and I feel like I got a great deal! I also don’t suspect I will be pulling up next to one just like it at a stoplight anytime soon :)

The truck has also received his new name from Amanda and the kids; “muddy ruddy” due to the fact that it was so unbelievably dirty from the trip out.

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“The G-Wagen arrives”

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