Henry Ford and Biofuels?


I found an interesting quote from Henry Ford in 1934 foreseeing a future of Biofuels and Biomaterials.

2007-11-02_110201.jpg“I foresee the time when industry shall no longer denude the forests which require generations to mature, nor use up the mines which were ages in the making, but shall draw its raw material largely from the annual products of the fields,” he declared.

“I am convinced that we shall be able to get out of the yearly crops most of the basic materials which we now get from forest and mine. We shall grow annually many if not most of the substances needed in manufacturing.

“When that day comes, and it is surely on the way, the farmer will not lack a market and the worker will not lack a job. More people will live in the country. The present unnatural condition will be naturally balanced again. Chemistry will reunite agriculture and industry. They were allowed to get too far apart and the world has suffered by the separation.”

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Resurgence of Diesel


Diesel is on its way back to the US!

G-Wagen Biodiesel


I am proud to say that I have made the switch to Biodiesel in my G-Wagen! I am now trying to run exclusively on B20 readily available at

Biodieselselect Rotten Robbie’s stations. I know it’s not perfect since it is still 80% petrol diesel but it is a start. I want to make the switch to full B100 but it is hard to get conveniently out near Livermore. I may have to work on getting home delivery of some B100 to make the full switch.

The G-Wagen arrives


G-wagenWell, I took a gamble buying a truck out in Colorado site unseen off of Clubwagen and boy did it payoff! I got to see my new G-Wagen for the first time last night and it is in even better condition than I anticipated. I even had a neighbor mention that he thought it was around a year 2000 model; it’s a ’79 (technically it’s a ’79 with an ’81 engine). There is negligble rust (I was expecting a lot more especially given the truck is from CO), it looks great all around, starts at the first turn with virtually no smoke (remember it’s a diesel) and drives execellent. My only major concern to make it reliable is the transmission, as shifting into second is not always a pretty sound (though I knew there were transmission issues going into it). Once I deal with the tranny, my goal is to work on the conversion to Biodiesel (simply requires swapping out some fuel lines for new synthetic ones) and further research a potential conversion to vegi-oil. I am interested in the conversion kit offered by Lovecraft Biofuels since it does not require the addition of a seperate fuel tank for the oil and enables you to run petrol diesel, biodiesel and waste/new vegi-oil all from the original fuel tank.

All in all I am extremely happy with the truck and I feel like I got a great deal! I also don’t suspect I will be pulling up next to one just like it at a stoplight anytime soon :)

The truck has also received his new name from Amanda and the kids; “muddy ruddy” due to the fact that it was so unbelievably dirty from the trip out.

Biodiesel here I come


After being part of the reason Toni decided to track down an older diesel SUV to use for a biodiesel conversion, I decided that it was long over due for me to do the same. So, I am the proud owner of this 1981 Mercedes 300GD which I plan to switch to biodiesel ready and am researching whether or not I will go all the way and try a vegi-oil conversion. I too went the “car enthusiast” route as Toni did and had to find something that I thought was cool and unique. Can’t get much more unique than a “gray market” car!

My new 300GD