Christmas 2008 Video


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Teague Quinly Ricke


Teague (like League but with a T) Quinly Ricke joined our family at 4:45PM PST on January 26, 2009.  He weighed in at 7 lbs and is 19 3/4″ tall.  Amanda was in labor for 10 hrs but luckliy this gave ample time for an epidural this time around.  He and Amanda are home and doing well.  Big brother Jonas and newly minted big sister Braiden were both excited to meet their little baby brother yesterday after having spent the last 5 days in DisneyLand with their brave and now very tired Grammy & Grampy.  Enjoy the pictures of our new addition!

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Pics from December


Holiday fun!  Enjoy!

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Thanksgiving/November 2008


Some pictures from November and Thanksgiving.

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Change of Plans


As many of you already know, we have decided to throw in the towel on the Los Gatos project due to the credit markets and the falling real estate values (our current house was not immune!).  There is good news though in that we have taken advantage of the soft RE market and purchased a home in a new community being built in Livermore!  The house will be great for the kids with all three getting their own room, it is right in the best part of the Livermore school system, and it backs up to Robertson Park.  We are scheduled to move in on March 19th and at the pace they have been building I expect them to make this date.  Here are some progress photos we have taken and we will of course post more as it is built.

Haloween 2008


Photos of our trick or treating in downtown Livermore.

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Baby Noname (“noh-nah-may”)


As many of you know, Amanda and I are expecting our third child in late January-09 and it is going to be a boy.  Here are some of the first pictures of little baby Noname. Also, feel free to leave any name ideas in the comments section (unless you like “Noname” that is).

Baby Noname

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Jonas starts Kindergarten!


Pics from his first day.

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No More Bottled Water


I know this is not a new trend but Amanda and I have made a pact to do away with bottled water in our lives. Yes, it is easier just to buy a pack of bottled water from target every couple of weeks but we realize the potential impact of that on the environment. Plus, having to fill up a reusable bottle doesn’t really take that much effort. I also made the pledge on FilterForGood for good measure. Filter For Good: Pledge to reduce bottled water waste.

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Jonas and Dada’s Ski Trip


Jonas and I went to Tahoe for a couple days for his first ski lesson ever.  He really enjoyed ski school and seemed to be a natural at the pizza wedge!  We even took the gondola up in the afternoon and skied down together from mid mountain (with him between my skis of course).  Aside from the drive being to long we had a great time.  Check out the pics.

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