Happy April Fools Day!


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Jonas on his new board



Originally uploaded by braughm_ricke

Jonas’ first go on the new board Santa brought him.

Jonas’ first play


Jonas’ first play

Originally uploaded by braughm_ricke

Jonas was in his first school play as a “surfer dude”.

Cool use of Google street view


Gadget Consolidation – Double Fisted No More


iphonebb1After just under a month of walking around double fisted (an iPhone in my left hand and a Blackberry in the right) I have decided to consolidate into one device.  This is a big deal for me as I have been a dedicated (addicted) Blackberry user for over 10 years now.  Yes, I thought it was so cool when I got the RIM 957, just check out those specs!  So what did I get?  The new Motorola Droid.  I will appease all of the iPhone lovers out there and admit that it is no where near, nor will it ever be, as elegant in form and feel.  Despite that, my initial impressions are very good.  The phone does everything I need it for and then some.  The keyboard is a definite nice to have albeit being a bit awkward for the right hand/thumb.  I have only had it for a day so it is hard to say for sure if this is the answer for me, but so far it appears that I will have a free hand for some time to come.

UPDATE: Used the new built in Nav from Google and it is amazing!  Droid is almost worth it for this application alone.

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My kind of online art retailer


Now this is my kind of online art retailer!


No More Bottled Water


I know this is not a new trend but Amanda and I have made a pact to do away with bottled water in our lives. Yes, it is easier just to buy a pack of bottled water from target every couple of weeks but we realize the potential impact of that on the environment. Plus, having to fill up a reusable bottle doesn’t really take that much effort. I also made the pledge on FilterForGood for good measure. Filter For Good: Pledge to reduce bottled water waste.

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Principle of Locality


An interesting take on Globalization.

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Ricky Subaru Outback Commercial

my all time favorite commercial!

Los Gatos Here We Come


Our new propertyWell, we are the proud new owners of a vacant lot in the Santa Cruz mountains on Walla Walla Trail in Los Gatos, CA! Over the next year or two we plan on torturing ourselves by building a new house. I say torture because it will be a very lengthy and expensive process. That being said I cannot be more excited about the prospects of what this will mean for us. First, we will get to live in the mountains where we can feel like we are not really in the bay area (feels more like Tahoe) while still being close to the bay area. Second, the schools in Los Gatos are fantastic so the kids will be all set for public schooling. Third, we get to build the exact house that WE want. Third, I can finally achieve my goal of living within 30 miles of my office (here is the route). Fourth, we finally get to measure our property in acreage (1.8 acres to be exact) as opposed to square feet. I will keep posting progress here as we start the build process so stay tuned. In the meantime you can see pictures of the property here.

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